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Music video
Producing professional-grade music videos has been a new page in our industry that we’re excited to turn every time. We undertake all stages of the project: from the script to promotion in the media. We work with stars, we select artists from our established foundation. We also work with product integration (product placement). We shoot accompanying photos and video content to promote the clip.
Image advertising
High-quality photos and videos form a high level of trust in any product in the information space. We create creative visual content capable of fully revealing the brand and emphasizing its uniqueness.
A portfolio is a set of pictures depicting a model in different ways. The chances of a successful career largely depend on the quality of these photos. We have extensive experience in creating portfolios for both aspiring models, actors, and well-known media personalities. Among our clients are stars of Ukrainian show business and cinema. We also specialize in preparing children’s portfolios.
The need for reportage shooting arises when it comes to private or corporate events. The main task of photographers and videographers is to depict the circumstances of the holiday and the emotions of the guests. A good report is always filled with active action and a certain mood. Experience, professionalism and good equipment help us capture the brightest shots.
Business content
We will be able to emphasize the individuality of your company’s image and express its key values in the form of graphic design. We provide comprehensive services for the creation of visual content for your business: turnkey brand design, logo and corporate style development, brand book design, brand design support, visual content of the website and social networks, corporate photo shoots (business portrait), video and photo presentations goods and services.
Shooting in the style of fashion is most often used in glossy magazines and advertising. With the development of social networks, the need for such content arose among a wide range of people who are in the process of developing their personal brand. When developing the concept of fashion photography, we are guided by current fashion trends. When thinking about images, we always pay attention to details: hairstyle, make-up, selection of clothes and accessories. The result is always harmonious, interesting and attractive: unusual poses of the model, original photo processing and a non-standard approach to framing the shot. We work with fashion brands, glossy magazines and influencers.
Object Photography
Object photography is used in advertising for a profitable demonstration of a product. Marketers have proven that more than 80% of decisions we make are based on the perception of visual information, and high-quality photos increase conversion, sales and form the right image of the company. You can order photography for an online store, printed catalog, restaurant menu, etc. from us. We will present your product in the most favorable perspective.
Social projects
During the preparation of social photo and video projects, it is necessary to have a special creative approach and creativity. Such works are based on an idea that has a certain social value and is intended to influence people’s thinking. Effectively, in an artistic form, we will convey the necessary opinion to the viewer!
Aerial photography
By using the air space and revealing a new perspective of your project, you gain an advantage. We know how to look “from above” while maintaining the objectivity of what is happening. Aerial photography is a separate art that requires special creative skills.


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